i just wanna watch wishes from the top of the ice cream parlor with someone and cuddle like come on


The strongest factors that cause psychopathy are: being physically neglected, low involvement of the mother/father with the boy, coming from a disrupted family, poor supervision, harsh discipline, large family size.

According to official Disney: “ Hans was  the youngest of thirteen royal siblings, and was neglected because of this.”


this isn’t a big issue for me

but why isn’t there more fights for a latina disney princess?

like.. I feel like that would be nice to have idk


most underrated line in a Disney movie ever


top 20 disney sceneries (according to my followers)  ➺ {#17} Alice in Wonderland, 1951

One Piece of Concept Art per Walt Disney Animation Studios Movie
[44/53] - Brother Bear

Anonymous asked: A few years back I was in the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Japan(Epcot) and the whole time I was in the store people were continuously asking me questions assuming I worked there. I am half Asian /half white, but I was aimlessly walking around the store in jean shorts, and tank top, and flip flops.

That’s actually perfect omg

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