disnerd asked: the one and only disnerd B) B)

BRANDON BABE I love him we’re married on facebook if y’all didn’t know and we rant to each other late at night on skype about like literally everything and I can’t wait to see him again because like when we first met we clicked instantly but now that our friendship is even stronger it’s gonna be SO FUCKIN RAD I CAN’T WAIT ily boo

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Anonymous asked: princesscatofdisney ;D

Omg I haven’t talked to her much but she seems very sweet and I honestly hope to God Disney gets with the casting because I could see her being super good friends with a few princesses!!!

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phantomboats asked: fantombaotz

MEGHAAAAANNNNN tbh she is the CP I miss the most out of all the ones I’ve met. Like seriously it’s not easy finding someone who will go to taco bell with you at least once a week and talk to about literally everything and anything and just A+ friendship for the little time we had pls come back to brasil ily bye

waltkidney asked: the better half of hollywood--studios

KEVUUUUU is my favorite cuddle buddy and I think it’s cute when we hold hands because it literally looks like I’m a child because I have to bend my arm while his arm is full extended like wow but I like that he will just listen to me rant about stupid people and he just accepts it and his FAT STACKS of drawings from the animation academy makes me jealous the end

disneyismyescape asked: disneyismyescape!

SHANNON is so cute and I can’t wait to meet her like if we’re not besties idk what I’m even doing I SANG FEED THE BIRDS AND REPLACED THE S WORDS WITH YOUR NAME there’s no comingg back from that

thehornymofo asked: THEHORNYMOFO

MIKE is my all time favorite person on tumblr tbh like his blog is pure gold and he’s such a cutie pie and he has shown me the light that is naomi campbell and now I’m in love and yes Mike is an A+++ person yes

send me a tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them

do you ever look through your friend’s tagged/me page and then like 5 pages in you realize what you’re doing and it’s like FUCK I WAS JUST ADMIRING

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