I’m about to take my worst final this semester pls send me good vibes thank u

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I was told this cupcake will make my poop blue. So of course I bought one. #frozensummerfun

So I’m gonna start doing this thing where I document my experiences meeting characters ok great so tonight

Anna asked me if I knew Sven and I was like yeah duh and I showed her my bracelet and she was like “OMG THATS ADORABLE so you must love him as much as I do” and I was like “yeah pretty much.” She then told me that her and Kristoff are trying to get him to fly since they found out that flying reindeers is like a thing so they put a carrot in front of his nose and raised it higher and higher but it didn’t work so she said if I see Sven around I should give him a big hug because he’s pretty bummed out about it CUTE

Elsa omfg I was so iffy about her because like perfect body type but idk she was so open and talkative which is weird for Elsa but THEN I MET HER and first off she freaked about my Haunted Mansion Princess Leia shirt and she was like in love with it and she told me she wanted to have a picture like that and I told her she should get on Anna’s shoulders and Anna should get on Kristoff’s shoulders and do that stretching portrait instead and she was like “I actually love that idea more thank you” and she was adorable and omg awk but she grazed my boob and she was embarassed (((but secretly I was like just grab it we all know we both want yhis but that’s not important right now))) THEN THE CHERRY ON TOP she took my hand and told me to put our backs together and we did the anna/elsa pose I fuckING CANT

Rapunzel was SO FUCKING CUTE LIKE DAMN ok so she has this thing I guess because she literally always asks me what kingdom I’m from and I told her DHS and she was like oH COOL and I was like yah I sing with Anna and Elsa over there right now and she was like WHAT REALLY THATS SO FUN wait did you meet them already? And I was like yeah like 3 seconds ago and she was like DUDE IM GONNA ASK IF I CAN JOIN THE SING ALONG TOO and I was like hell fuckin yah of course you can amd then she asked me what my favorite song was and I said Love is an Open Door even though Hans… And she was like oh yeah that guy ew and then I told her he could def be fixed he’s a good guy deep down and we agreed that since she fixed Eugene she could probably fix Hans and that was great ok

So Cindy asked me what adventures I had been on and I told her Jungle Cruise and Tiki Room and she was like dude yeah i love jungle cruise except I can’t take Jaq and Gus because the elephants freak out sometimes and then it became a crossing of princesses because all of a sudden we’re talking about Jaq and Gus playing hide and seek with Pascal and we all agreed that Pascal has an unfair advantage of “chameleoning” ((a word we made up together it’s official look it up)) but Jaq and Gus can crawl into mouse holes so also unfair but we’re all still friends so it’s cool

Then I walked away and they were still talking so I just screamed BYE and they were like HAVE A GREAT EVENING and I was like YOU TOO BYE

Best night ever

Anonymous asked: you're fierce af and just awesome yaaaay!!!

Omg tysm ily anon (◕‿◕✿)

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Confess something you’ve thought about me on anon, and all I can do is post it

I squint too much in my selfies and apparently either my face is oily or the lighting sucks (probably both) but these four were so wonderful I love disney amazing

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